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The dimensions of the activity of the Red Cross and his relation with the catalan society situate the institution in the first line of detection of social needs, in addition to the actions that the Red Cross developpe to attend the demands of the population.

In this way, we consider us an authentic agent of social transformation, year after year, employing the humanitarian diplomacy and our experience and efficiency, put into action new projects allocated to improve the living quality of the people that need it more.

Types of projects

Fight against poverty

HUMANITARIAN HELP IN CATALONIA. The poverty is increasingly present to our society. Thousands of people need support to cover the most basic needs and live with a minimum dignity. The humanitarian help no longer only does abroad, but that it moves home ours.

Program of Aliments of the European Union: the Red Cross is one of the managing entities of this European program, that depends of the FEGA, an organism of the Agriculture Ministry. As a managing of the project, delivers aliments of first need to the entities added to the program, which distribute them between people in vulnerable situation. The families receive alimentary products of first need.

Kits of social support: since September of 2009, the project of the kits support help to cover basic needs of diet and hygiene of the most needed families. The design of the kits includes several typologies, as the specific needs of the people users. Good part of the kits go allocated to cover the needs of the infancy, through the kits of diapers or of childish food.

Projects of attention to the most vulnerable infancy: the infancy is one of groups more affected for the economic crisis. In front of this situation, the Red Cross develops several projects to attend the needs of the infancy in risk. The year 2014, the humanitarian institution presents the big alliance for the childish food with the aim of add the maximum of possible resources to guarantee the healthy diet of the boys and girls in vulnerable situation. To continuation, explain the projects of infancy, so much to cover alimentary needs how of other types.

a) Projects of childish food

Program of support of emergency to the childish food: it pretends to help to cover the quota of the school canteen of the children in vulnerable situation.
Campaign of childish diet during the holiday school periods: they distribute cards of pre-paying to families in vulnerable situation because they can buy food for their children in local commerces. In this way, it guarantees that the children also have at least a healthy meal by the day, when they do not go to school. This campaign develops so much to the holidays of summer as a the of winter.

Program of Aliments and kits of social support: a very important part of the beneficiaris of these two projects of basic help also are families with children and daughters.

b) Projects to cover other needs of the children in risk

Centres of Social Mediation and spaces of school reinforcement: spaces where the children in risk receive help to do the duties of the school and realise leisure activities.
Campaign “Gone back to the School with Solidarity”: campaign that, annually, develop the Red Cross and the Foundation Solidarity Carrefour to promote that the customers of this chain of supermarkets give school material for children in risk. The chain of supermarkets complements the donations of his customers with aportacions own of the company.
Centers of leisure, educational and projects for the social integration: projects such as ludotecas, spaces, activities of leisure... addressed to children and young in risk.
Campaign of toys of Red Cross Youth: annual campaign to collect toys for children in risk for the Day of Kings and develop activities of sensitisation on the educational value of the game. 

Projects for struggling against the impact of the crisis among the greater people: The Red Cross distributes kits with products of personal help for greater people in vulnerable situation, in addition to counting with services of vicinity with which visits to the users to the domicile to detect and cover his needs. 
Fight against the energetic poverty: the energetic poverty is the difficulty or the inability to keep the house in some suitable conditions of temperature (the World Health Organisation considers temperature of confort 21°*C to the living room and 18°*C in the rest of stays). The numeral of families in situation of energetic poverty has increased for the current context of economic crisis and the rise of the prices of the energy. To combat this situation, the Red Cross develops actions like the distribution of blankets, stoves, clothes of coat, food, water or medication, especially among the greater people, or the payment of the supplies of light, gas, gasoil and water of families in risk, in some cases.
Programs of employment: the field of employment of the Red Cross counts with spaces of search of work for assessorating to people in unemployment and in vulnerable situation and with several itineraris of inseción labour to promote his formation and opportunities to find work. 
Spaces of basic assistance: help to cover the alimentary needs, hygienic and of accommodation of people in situation of special vulnerability like the people without ceiling.

The economic forces increasingly focused efforts in the fight against poverty and social exclusion. Other actions undertaken by the Red Cross:

Humanitarian platform: the platform is born fruit of the confluence of two factors, the increase of the needs of basic help for part of the population and the increase of companies that want to collaborate with the humanitarian institution. This space, situated in the Anoia, centralise the donations of basic products of the companies or entities and organise its distribution in the territory, in function of the needs of each municipality or comarca. See video of the Platform Humanitarian.Watch the Humanitarian logistics platform video.

Points of Support to the Families (PSF): the model of attention of the Red Cross wants to be more acurated to the needs of the people and, therefore, are putting into motion all over Catalonia Points of Support to the Families. The PSF act like “unique window” and attends the integral needs of families in situation of vulnerability.

Observatory of Vulnerability: the 2011, the Observatory of Vulnerability of the Red Cross in Catalonia has been created as a instrument of analysis of the needs of the people that are users of the different projects of the entity, especially those destined to the fight against the effects of the economic crisis. The studies of the Observatory allow to work in the line of humanitarian diplomacy, putting of relief which is the situation of these social groups more vulnerable and sensitising on this subject those that have capacity to decide the measures that affect these people. See the studies of the Observatory of Vulnerability of the Red Cross. See the Red Cros Vulnerability studies.

Vulnerable groups

EQUAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL. Although equality is one of the basic principles of our society does not always exist for everyone. Some people need special attention to achieve social inclusion and equal opportunities in employment. More information.

Children and Youth

ATTENTION AND AWARENESS FOR A BETTER FUTURE. With this group, as well as developing social inclusion projects to support vulnerable children and youth, Youth Red Cross also conducts various awareness activities. The aim of these actions is to promote among youth values ​​such as respect, equality, harmony, solidarity, constructive criticism and freedom and responsibility through democratic participation. More information.

Elderly people

QUALITY OF LIFE IN OLD AGE. Aging does not mean loss of quality of life or resignation. The aim of the programs related to older people is to encourage the best possible life for both the elderly and their families. More information.


HAVE A JOB IS A RIGHT AND NOT A LUXURY. Finding a job is always difficult and even more so for the most vulnerable groups of society. Employment programs of the Red Cross aimed at improving skills, job placement and maintenance of the job of these people. More information.

Training and Dissemination

TRANSFER OF KNOWLEDGE AND VALUES FOR ALL. In the field of training, the Red Cross conducts courses on topics related to their areas of action for both volunteers and staff of the institution and for all citizens. Regarding the dissemination and awareness, the organization develops an annual campaign to publicize all of its activities, in addition to promoting volunteerism and recruitment of members. It also runs campaigns and awareness raising on Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law, International Cooperation to prevent disease or other health related. Some awareness campaigns are aimed specifically at young people. More information.

Health, relief and emergency

PREVENTION AND ACTION IN EQUAL. Disasters and accidents, mass events, beaches, ... The action in first aid is one of the hallmarks of the Red Cross from its origins. More information.

International Cooperation

HUMANITARIAN ACTION WORLDWIDE. In this area, the Red Cross projects in Catalonia seek to improve, the more stable and durable as possible, the living conditions of the collective vulneables of the South, involving and engaging the local press on development projects. These projects are strategically concentrated in specific countries (Ethiopia, Mozambique, Bolivia and Ecuador) to increase its impact, always working with the National Society. More information.

Humanitarian Rights and International Humanitarian Law

WORK FOR HUMAN DIGNITY. The basic principles of Human Rights (DH) and the International Humanitarian Law (IHL) spread among the population to spread the values ​​of respect, tolerance and culture of peace. The cabinet meets IHL DH IEL center in Catalonia the role of the Red Cross as a benchmark for international humanitarian. More information.

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