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Type of services

Home Telecross (HTS)

The Home Telecross service (HTS) provides to users a personalized attention 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at theis own homes with the purpose of maintaining a maximum their personal autonomy. Just pressing a button, users can contact by telephone with the Red Cross if they suffer an emergency. In addition, the HTS is also a social and preventive service providing company and monitoring people living alone often. Learn more.

Mobile Telecross (MTS)

Service that provides an immediate response in any emergency situation, mainly outside the home, thanks to a GPS localitzador. It operates 24 hours, 365 days a year. Learn more.


People Finder Service (PFS)

GPS Locator for people with Alzheimer's disease and other cognitive impairment mild to moderate stageLearn more.



Terrestrial and aquatic prevention and assistance

The places and events where are concentrated a large number of people are scenarios to act and thus ensure the safety and health care if is necessary. On the one hand, as preventive measure to avoid risks, and the other, health interventions when appropriate. Request Service. 

Immediate Intervention in emergencies

People, victims of disasters or accidents, need a rapid response in emergency care, health care and psychological and emotional support. The Red Cross maintains an agreement with the General Directorate of Civil Protection of the Generalitat through which, when activated an emergency plan in Catalonia, collaborate, providing basic services and supports for those affected and supports to the rest of the rescue team. Request service.

  • ERIE Psychosocial Intervention: Immediate care for victims and families in situations of disasters and accidents, both in Catalonia and the rest of the world. Composed of 250 people, including professionals from psychology, medicine, nursing, social work or first aid.
  • ERIE Tracking and search dogs: Task of locating missing persons through a team of volunteers and trained dogs.

Sea Rescue

Lifesaving tasks of the people at the sea and combat against maritime and coastal pollution. Trough an agreement with the Spanish Marina Safety Agency (SASEMAR), several crafts are operating throughout the year to act in an emergency.  Request service.


Awareness for health and healthy lifestyles

The best way of action to promote health is prevention. Awareness campaigns focusing on the prevention of traffic accidents, domestic, leisure or school; activities to prevent the transmission of communicable and noncommunicable diseases; as well as in actions in favour of health and healthy lifestyles. Request service.



Courses in the fields of health and first aud, social intervention, human rights ... both for volunteers and for people who want to improve their training to have more job opportunitiesMore information.



Commitment to continuous improvement

Disasters and accidents, massive events, beaches ... the action in subject of first aid is one of the signs of identity of the Red Cross from its origins. Understanding that the quality of the services that we provide is one of the foundations for building a fairer society, we are committed with this continuous improvement.
The quality management systems are implemented in different areas of intervention, in ways that the institution has:
  • Training Management System (version 4).
  • Volunteer Management System (version 5).
  • Employment Plan Management System (NGO with Quality).
  • Telecross project Management System (version 12).
  • Promotion, Design, Development and Implementation of the Job Placement Programs Management System (version 5).

These systems are certified, some internal and others external, according to ISO standards. The quality management system of the Red Cross follows the criteria of the Spanish Institute of Rationalization and Normalization (IRANOR), responsible for adapting the international standards ISO at the statewide. Throughout 2009, the institution has adapted and developed the standard UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008, which includes new state standards for quality management, which are revised periodicity to improve the system continuously. The application of the guidelines for the quality management in different areas of interventions of the Catalonia Red Cross depends of the Autonomic Quality Commission, formed by the direction of the institution, the management of all areas of intervention and the four provincial coordinators.  

The quality management of the Red Cross, accredited by the NGO Benchmarking

During the year 2009, the Red Cross obtained the certificate NGO Benchmarking of the Société Générale de Surveillance, SA (SGS), which attesting the transparency and the responsibility of its projects and actions. The Red Cross received this official certificate to overcome the audit of an independent authority, which examined the management of the institution from a global assessment methodology, based on standards and criteria of good practices of agencies and international organizations.

Specifically, was examined the management of the Red Cross under four different perspectives:

  • The good practices of the institution.
  • The donors expectations.  
  • The management systems. 
  • For the assessment of good practices, was analyzed the activity of the Red Cross in the nine folllowing dimensions:
  • Governing body (composition and operationally).
  • Organization's strategic framework.
  • Management integrity.
  • Communication, social impact and public image.
  • Human resourses management.
  • Fundraising, allocation of resources and financial control
  • The operations.
  • The results achieved.

The criteria for granting this certificate are based on the standard NGO Benchmarking Standard, audited and certified by SGS, the world's leader in inspection, verification, assaying and certification. This is the international reference standard to determine the best practices of transparency and responsibility in the NGO world and consists of a total of 108 evaluation criteria. Through NGO Benchmarking System, audits are developed exclusively for NGO’s and nonprofit organizations, using a methodology that adapts to the characteristics of these organizations. In this way, seeks to meet the growing demand for those interested in knowing, from an independent valuation, the legitimacy and integrity of the proceedings of the NGOs that cooperating, as well providing to the same entities a basis for their programs continuous improvement.




  • Continuous improvement.
  • The continuous improvement mechanism.

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