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Action Plan

To plan its projects in mid and long term, the Red Cross develops action plans for periods of 4 years. It is currently in force the Action Plan 2011-2015.

Prepared under the social and economic background, the document determines the strategy of the Red Cross, just as they do the action plans of the institution humanitarian nationally and internationally.

Thus, for example, the Strategy 2020 of the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) fixed the main lines of action for the organization this decade under the slogan "Saving lives, changing minds" and warns that the shocks due to financial and economic crises can have profound long-term consequences, exacerbating social inequalities. In addition, within the International Movement of the Red Cross and Red Crescent, is becoming an increasingly important strategy for Humanitarian Diplomacy to influence opinion leaders and political or institutional responables.

The Action Plan 2011-2015 is the result of the discussion that took place during the meeting of the organization held in Fira de Sabadell humanitarian March 10, 2012. Presidents and other local and regional coordinators responsible for the Red Cross in Catalonia attended this meeting to agree the guidelines of the Red Cross for years to come: 

  • Saving lifes and provide support to recovery after disasters;
  • Enabling a healthy and safe life;
  • Promoting social inclusion, non-violence and peace; 
  • Strengthening the organizational structure to respond better to the needs of people and vulnerable groups;
  • Promoting humanitarian diplomacy;
  •  Working with maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
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