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Inheritances and Legacies Solidarity

Solidarity, another choice of the will

The Spanish Red Cross, since its founding on July 6 in 1864, has had a recognized ability to be recipient of inheritances, legacies and donations, among other contributions. The changes that have suffered their statutes over the years have not altered this capability, which has been regulated in a more specific and precise way by relevant regulatory frameworks adopted over the years.


And why not? Make a will in favor of the Red Cross is positive

  • You contribute in their work with the most vulnerable at the local, national and international level people through preventive actions, assistance, rehabilitation and development nature, mainly made by volunteers
  • With the help of technology you will also be next to the elderly, in order that they may enjoy an independent, successful and participatory aging. And with their families, providing them with the basic knowledge of the treatment, counseling and psychological support to develop the task of care for them in the best conditions
  • You will act and give respond immediately and effectively to emergency situations.
  • You will take care to ensure the rights of children
  • You will facilitate the daily life of people with disabilities.
  • You will maintain the continuous training of volunteers 
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