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To carry out its humanitarian work the Red Cross needs to find partnerships with different stakeholders and the companies are one of them.
The Red Cross offers many ways of business cooperation, but above all, it offers the possibility of collaboration on demand to suit the needs of specific organizations or according to the targets they want to direct their campaigns. All in all, we hear the proposals and study personalized solutions for collaboration.

Ways to collaborate

  • Humanitarian emergencies: actions of fundraising, teaming.
  • Social Projects: collaboration in social projects of the Red Cross.
  • Company member: periodical contribution of an economical collaboration, once associated to the Red Cross cause.
  • Punctual donations: punctual contribution to a project, emergency, campaign,...
  • Others: contribution with products, Corporate Social Volunteering

If you are interested in collaborating with the Red Cross in any way, on behalf of a company, let us empresa, send us your request and we will contact you to suggest solutions of collaboration for your organization.

Business alliances

Thus, in some cases, alliances with companies consist of financial contributions, which the Red Cross handles with transparency and responsibility, while at other times, strengthen the mutual commitment towards the most vulnerable people. See alliances.

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