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Financing (2014 info)

To carry out its projects and humanitarian aid, the Red Cross has several ways of financing it. These sources include:

  • Contributions of members.
  • Grants and subsidies from the public administrations.
  • Benefits resulting from various lotteries authorized in its favor by the state -such as the Gold Raffle-.
  • Income from its assets or patrimony.
  • Contributions and compensation for services or benefits, either social, of welfare or from other kinds.
  • Resources transferred by organizations, companies i individuals.
  • Inheritances, legacies and donations.

The fundraising through the contributions of members and other solidary initiatives of the Red Cross, enables the institution to develop projects to attend the needs of vulnerable groups with total independence. This kind of resources are especially important to develop the projects of the Red Cross at a local level, where the collected funds can strengthen and adjust the actions to the needs of the environment.


2,70€ Attention to drug addicts and people with AIDS
5,33€ Children in social difficulties
21,05€ Combating poverty and social exclusion
6,49€ Refugees and foreigners
10,70€ Older and dependent people
7,25€ Occupation and vulnerable groups
15,89€ Prevention, aid, emergency and rescue
2,40€ Internacional Cooperation
12,54€ Volunteering and training
15,65€ Other groups


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