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Children, elderly and people with chronic diseases, more exposed to heat effects
Weakness, fatigue, headache, lack of appetite, insomnia or cramps are some of the negative effects that high temperatures can have on our health. The most vulnerable collectives are children, elderly and people with chronic diseases.
The Red Cross has doubled its refugees accomodation places from beginning of the year and expects to continue growing until the end of 2017
The Red Cross appealed to citizens, companies, institutions and civil society to collaborate with the campaign "Obre Els Ulls" to strengthen actions for integration in Catalonia. Among them, there are actions of support in finding work and housing and language classes and knowledge of the environment.
The Red Cross appealed to citizens to cooperate with child nutrition projects
The campaign "Let's turn it around to fill the dish" promotes voluntary action and, in turn, calls for citizens to become involved in projects of infant feeding and the fight against poverty.
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The Red Cross initiates a project to promote good treatment of the elderly
This is a state program that will start this summer in Catalonia to prevent abuse, neglect and inadequate treatment of older people, such as physical, economic or sexual abuse, obstacles to their social participation, fraud or abandonment, etc.
Rotary Catalonia delivery 4,500 euros of teaching materials to the Red Cross in Girona through charity project Rotincat
The material used for the Red Cross Youth program "Promoting School Success", pretends to aid children and young people in a vulnerable situation in Catalonia
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