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A challenge in front of human trafficking: raising the protection of victims, especially of children
The human trafficking is a serious violation of human rights, in which people are kidnapped, by deceit or use of force, in order to submit them to labor exploitation, prostitution, begging, organ trafficking, etc.

The night walk in Montserrat, awarded as a local initiative of the Golden Draw
The Red Cross has celebrated the 6th provincial competition for Gold Draw Campaign local initiatives. The objective is to encourage the celebration of activities related to the Gold Draw around the territory.
More than 45,000 children receive Red Cross food aid during school holidays
The entity has distributed food prepaid cards for 4,300 children in a vulnerable situation. It also distributes basic products to 41,000 children during the summer, through the EU Food Aid Plan and the distribution of social support kits.
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First prize of the Golden Draw of the Red Cross
The winner number has received 3 millions of euros and the draw distributes more tan 6.500.000 euros in prices.
The Red Cross opens 16 refugees reception places in Terrassa
In the next weeks, the Red Cross will focus on accompanying them in order to carry out the procedures for registration, health card and the beginning of language learning. For these people, the aim is a complete integration into society within a maximum period of two years.
Children attended by the Red Cross participate in the Football Campus Behappy organised by FCF
The president of the Foundation of the Catalan Football Federation (FCF) has visited the Football Solidarity Campus Behappy In Santa Coloma de Gramenet, the first edition of the Football Campus is being carried out, which is being organized by the FCF Foundation, together with the Red Cross and the Pare Manel Foundation.
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