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From the origins of the Red Cross first aid is one of the signs of their identity. Actually, thanks to this experience, more than 9,000 people, including volunteers and paid staff are working in prevention, emergency and relief activities in Catalonia. We operate in many of the events with large crowds and in almost a hundred beaches of the Catalan coast. We also have Rapid Response Teams Emergency (ERIE), formed by a specially trained staff to act with immediacy and effectiveness in this kind of situation.

Major emergencies: effectiveness counts from the first second 

On the other hand, the humanitarian institution has an ERIE of Search and Tracking with Dogs, specializing in the localization of missing persons. Another of the ERIE is the psychosocial interventions, which is composed of a multidisciplinary group of professionals from the fields of psychology, social work and first aid. The Psychosocial Intervention ERIE provides psychological care to victims in emergency situations as to their families, as well as the professionals who act in these cases.

Let’s make Catalonia a safer place

The Red Cross in Catalonia collaborates with healthcare coverage and prevention service in places or areas of large agglomerations or at big events with a forecast of high attendance of the public. We advise the organizer about the necessary service, we organize the device and take care of the coverage that we do tanks to more than 7,000 Red Cross volunteers trained in lifesaving and first aid. In addition, during the summer, our Monitoring, Prevention and Rescue Services are presents on the beaches of Catalonia.

A service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The Coordination Centre of the Red Cross in Catalonia is operating 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to attend, permanently, to the public and the users of the entity. In addition to activate at any time, the resources of the entity to deal with emergencies.  From this space, it supports relief personnel during the development of preventive services, surveillance on the beaches or emergency operations. The Coordination Center also manages the Home Telecare services or others dressing to  non-professional cares as well as maintaining a direct contact with volunteers and members of the entity, or request support from the population against major disasters or situations of emergency. The permanent helpline of the Coordination Center of the Red Cross phone is 902 22 22 92.

Types of emergencies

International  Meet the currently active emergency and MAKE A DONATION

To respond immediately
to natural disasters or international emergency situations, the Red Cross has a warehouse of Emergency and Humanitarian Action, located in the Pobla of Claramunt (Anoia), with capacity to make a shipment of humanitarian aid to any part of the world up to 72 hours. It has a Basic Stock Emergency shelter material and shelter for 1,000 families More information.

Meet the currently active emergency and MAKE A DONATION.

In Catalonia

In all Catalonia, the Red Cross also activates their emergency and relief operations and in the case of occurrence of snowfall, fires, floods or other emergencies situations. The Anoia’s warehouse also contains relief material to act in situations of this kind, which are added in the 4 regional warehouses (1 for each Catalan demarcation), which is allowed to act with more rapidly from the proximity. More information.

Search and Rescue

The Red Cross in Catalonia has a research team and Tracking with Dogs (Dogs ERIE), which aims to locate missing persons. This team operates in cases of people swept away by floods or elderly people with a cognitive impairment and suffers from disorientation, among others.

Emergency Information: what you should do in an emergency situation? self protection advices 


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