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Attended groups
We support people who need us, regardless of their location. We take care of the most vulnerable groups of home, people who arrive in the country to escape from poverty or armed conflict and those who live outside our borders.

Typology of collective

Elderly people and their families

The loneliness, lack of economic resources or health problems are some of the main difficulties faced by older person. For this reason, the Red Cross works to provide a comprehensive answer to their needs, by promoting their social inclusion and autonomy, as well as the peace and well-being fare of their family environment. More information.



Dependent People

Getting people to live with dependency as long as possible at home, in the best possible conditions, is one of the main lines of action of the Red Cross.

Care Staff

People with high dependency levels need constant attention from their caregiver. But people who are responsible for this task also need support and rest aware of this, the Red Cross has launched programs to give them the help they need. More information .

Immigrant background, refugees and asylum seekers

For the social integration of the newcomer population, Red Cross offers shelter services, legal advice, counseling or support in the search for employment, among others.

Incarcerated  and ex incarcerated

With this group, the Red Cross works primarily for their social reintegration. Therefore, make reintegration activities in their own prisons, facilitating the development of work for the benefit of the community or promotes programs of occupation programs for this collective.


For the homeless, the Red Cross has shelter, residential or day centers, and helps them to cover their basic needs.

Population at risk of poverty and social exclusion

In the midst of economic crisis, the number of people who are in this situation has increased and the Red Cross has strengthened its projects to cover people's basic needs, such as the Food Program, as well as implement new actions as the distribution of social support kits.

People with disabilities

The Red Cross develops projects to promote the autonomy of people with disabilities, as well as their participation in the community environment and leisure activities. Among other services, offers a service of bathroom adapted on the beaches..

Sick People

Beyond the health care, some Red Cross projects are intended to cover the social, psychological or emotional support for sick people.

Childhood and young people in social difficulty

In Catalonia, the Red Cross carries out projects for the social integration of children and adolescents in social difficulties, in addition to play areas and other places of entertainment, among other activities.

Women in social difficulties

The humanitarian organization offers women in difficult situations, care services, care and counselingas well as developing employment programs aimed at this group, among other services.



 People with drug addiction and ex addict

In order to ensure comprehensive care of this group, the Red Cross has several centers with multidisciplinary teams of professionals who offer health support, social, educational and psychological as well as legal advice and other services..

People affected by HIV / AIDS

The Red Cross developed home health services aimed at people affected by HIV/AIDS, and information actions, preventive and awareness-raising for groups at risk.


People with difficulties of access to labor market

To provide job counseling and facilitating the access of vulnerable people in the labor market, the Red Cross develops various integration programs, in addition to spaces and job search guidance. More information.

Schoolchildren and students

For members of the institution and the whole population, the Red Cross developed several courses on subjects related to their projects through the field of . On the other hand the School of the Red Cross in Barcelona lecture courses of Nursing and Occupational Therapy, as well as several masters and postgraduate courses and continuing training courses of Training and Volunteers

 Missing persons

One of the Immediate Response Team Emergency (ERIE) of the Red Cross is the search and tracking dogs, specializing in the search of missing persons.

Iliterate population

General population

To raise awareness throughout the Citizenship about the needs of the most vulnerable groups both at home and in the rest of the world, the Red Cross develops several activities to raise awareness. Some of them also aim to prevent risky behaviors.


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