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The need to train volunteers of the entity has made the training of the Red Cross has traditionally been associated with the field of health and relief areas in which we continue to be leaders. Also the expansion of our lines of activity has created new internal training needs, which have led us to specialize in social intervention, peace and human rights, cooperation and education at leisure training.

The first aid with Red Cross

The first action to an accident is essential to achieve a possible recovery of the accident victim. With this perspective, and thanks to our experience centuries, the Red Cross in Catalonia training of immediate healthcare with qualification homologated by several administrations and / or public institutions.

Typology training

Relief and Health Training

The safety and health of people depends on the initial care received in an emergency. Courses in Health and Relief helps to make both volunteering and the general population qualified personnel ready to act when necessary. See related courses.

  • Recycling water lifeguard.
  • Workshops specialized in aquatic lifesaving.
  • Immediate Health Care courses.
  • Automatic Defibrillation nonphysicians.

Social intervention training

Working with people with special needs is often not easy and, therefore, requires some specific tools and skills. At the time of help people must know what their characteristics to achieve the best possible personal attentionSee related courses.

  • Courses to deal with very specific groups: abused children, people with drug addiction or women victims of gender violence.
  • Courses of leader and monitor child and youth recreation.
  • Courses of care older people.

Training in other areas

The training extends to the different working areas in the Red Cross. In this way there is formation in  Peace and Human Rights, Environment, International Cooperation, Institucional, or Management, among others.



Distance Learning

Distance courses are adapted to the individual user to overcome the barriers of time and space. Support by the UOC courses are offered university degree of the Red Cross..

  • Training in first aid.
  • Technical planning / management / evaluation of development projects.
  • Master in project cycle management and humanitarian action.
  • Graduate-cycle management of development projects.



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