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FAQs - Become a Member

Question: What is the minimum membership fee?

  • Natural Persons: the recommended minimum annual fee is 36€. The actual average fee is around 63€.
  • Legal Persons: The recommended fee is 150€.

Question: Can I pay the fee every month?
Answer: You can choose the frequency of payment of your fee, either monthly, quarterly, biannually or annually. If it is monthly,  it is recommended that the minimum amount is around 10€.

Question: Can direct debit my receipts to the bank?
Answer: Yes, you can order your bank that attends on your behalf the receipts returned by the Red Cross. It is the only way to pay your fee which is currently scheduled for the Red Cross.

Question: When do the bank charge gets done?
Answer: The first week of the month following the subscription. However, you can request that the first charge is made in a month that does not correspond to the immediate subscription.

Question: How is my subscription renewed?
Answer: The renewal is automatic except in the cases where the person requests the modification or cancellation of their contributions..

Question: Do I have some kind of tax benefit to collaborate with the Red Cross?
Answer: If it is a natural person, the Income Tax of Natural Persons provides a deduction of 25% of their contributions. In the case of legal persons, you can deduct 35% of the amount of the donation on the gross of Corporation Tax.
The deductible amount will not exceed the 10% of the tax baseand can be deduced the surplus amounts in subsequent years up to 10 years.
See Law 49/2002.

Very Important: in order to deduct it is essential that you have your Tax Identification Number or Tax Identification Code, as applicable.

Question: To which type of programs allocates the Red Cross my contributions?
Answer: The humanitarian Institution employs donations or contributions made ​​by the members to materialize the projects. That is, the contributions allow our volunteers and collaborators to develop activities and programs designed to give continuity to the most disadvantaged groups.

Question: Can I get more detailed information about the activities that the Red Cross develops?
Answer: The member is constantly informed through different communication channels that the Institution offers. Magazines, newsletters, top stories through the website. In case of doubts or if needing additional information about the activities of the entity, you can consult your assembly of the Red Cross to resolve all your questions.


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