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The Red Cross collaborates with the blood donation marathon of the Blood and Tissue Bank of Catalonia
Today begins the Blood Donation Marathon of the Blood and Tissue Bank of Catalonia
Youth Red Cross will distribute 68.000 toys to 25.000 children in situation of vulnerability
They fulfill the double objective of distributing new, educational, not warlike toys not sexist and of promoting the right of the whole infancy to play. The campaign has been carried out in 400 Catalan municipalities, thanks to the implication of more than 1.100 voluntary persons and than the civil collaboration and 583 companies.
The Red Cross, with the support of la Generalitat de Catalunya, ensure the temporary accommodation of about 750 people affected by the earthquake in Ecuador
From Catalonia, 150 emergency temporary accommodation will be sent, with a capacity for 750 people. It will also be a shipment of the same features from Las Palmas, sending a total of 300 accommodation for 1,500 people.
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The Red Cross appealed to the public to co- operate with humanitarian aid to refugees
The Red Cross has provided citizens wishing to help people affected by the refugee crisis in the Balkans a series of channels to make donations. The Red Cross has also moved to the area two state delegates of the Red Cross, one of them Catalan.

The red Cross and the Barcelona Deputation promote volunteering with the old people
Both institutions want to promote volunteering with the old people through the #GransLovers campaign.
The company "Muy Mucho" gives suport to the project of academic success promotion of the Red Cross Youth
During the academic year 2015-2016, 931 children participated in the project to promote academic success in Catalonia.
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