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The Red Cross develops humanitarian and social projects in different fields, such as elderly, children, international cooperation or immigration. In this sense, are many campaigns and projects carried out with different intentions and objectives.

The campaigns of the Red Cross, include awareness-raising campaigns on a specific area, such as health or the needs of developing countries, and others more generic directed to attracting volunteers and members, or to the fundraising for humanitarian projects of the institution.



Actives campaigns

Solidarity Walks

Young people, old people, families ... Anyone who is interested can participate in the "Solidarity Walks" that the Red Cross regulary organize in different parts of the Catalan territory. The aim is to raise funds for active projects of the humanitarian institution, as the participants will pay the registration purpose. Sign up now. Read more here.


Solidarity campaign against poverty

It is essential to sensitize people about the importance of volunteerism and solidarity and, therefore, takes place every year a recruitment campaign and promotion of volunteerism. Become a volunteer. Become a member. Make a donationView video campaign.


"We get older, we grow together", intergenerational relations campaigns 

It promotes active aging and solidarity between old and young in Catalonia. "We get older" is the result of the joint initiative of the Red Cross Youth and the Red Cross Elderly Care Unit and developed with the support of the Department of Social Welfare and Family of the Generalitat of Catalonia. This campaign was launched in February 2012, in the framework of the European Year of Active Ageing and Intergenerational Solidarity, and will be further developed over 2013 in all of Catalan country. More information.


Gold raflle

With the aim of raising funds to finance the humanitarian action of the institution, the Red Cross celebrates every year this Gold Raffle and set on a campaign to promote the ticket sales and, at the same time, the institution's activities. The collection of the raffles is intended to finance the social and humanitarian projects of the Red Cross..  More information.

Humanitari Action, a coordinated response

With this exhibition, the organization wants to show the path of humanitarian action, since a disaster or an emergency situation until help reaches those affectedMore information .


SOM.NIT: More than 10 years acting 

Project of direct action of information, prevention and reduction of risks associated with the use of drugs in spaces of nightlife and consumption, promoting freedom and personal autonomy.  More information.


Road to peace 

This exhibition aims to promote debate on the possible roles that develop people who live or are involved in the hostilities and about how they can influence in the peaceful transformation of conflicts.. More information.

TAD (Home Telecross)

Through this service, you install a terminal in the address of each user, which, in emergency situations, allows establishing a direct contact with a monitoring station of the Red Cross, just by pressing a buttonMore information.

LOPE, GPS personal locator for those affected by Alzheimer's

LOPE is a project designed to cure and monitoring of the people affected by Alzheimer's or other cognitive impairments in mild or moderate stage, which could suffer disorientation and need continuing careMore information.



                                                                                        Te corresponde, nos corresponde (Its up to you, its up to us)

With the collaboration of several artists recognized the Red Cross has set up this campaign with the intent to educate the population regarding gender equalityMore information .


                                                                                        Will you be my partner?

Under this slogan, the Red Cross makes several membership recruitment campaigns raising awareness people about the need to collaborate with the institution. More information.


Prevention is life 

This is a strategic campaign to prevent accidents with which it is known as "secondary prevention" of disasters or emergenciesthe purpose is to minimize the consequences of these accidents. More information.


Foster Families

The Red Cross annually develops a campaign to promote family hosted. The goal is to reach the maximum number of families in order to provide a temporary home to children in need. More information .


Heat Wave

Joint actions to minimize the impact of the high temperatures between the population, especially among vulnerable colectius such as elderly people.More information.


Cold snap

This campaign framed within programs and Senior Care Unit, is the implementation of a program of social care for people more vulnerable to temperature changes, which require additional attention to the services performed by and local community social. Learn more. Cold snap poster.

Snow and Ice

Set of actions to minimize the impact of snow and ice between the population and especially among vulnerable groups such as the elderly. Learn more.

Material information campaign snow.

Information and advice on other natural risks.



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