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The Red Cross is the organization of volunteers par excellence in our country. In fact, 19.000 volunteers are those who can run the bulk of its humanitarian activity and lead the organization around with his charity work. 

In addition, the Red Cross has the support of a technical team composed of more of 1.100 professionals, to help developing more specialized daily activities. It would not be possible to carry out all this work if it was not for the broad-based social organization, which, besides the 19.000 volunteers, it has 200.000 members. Through their unselfish financial contributions, the members help maintaining the activities of the Red Cross.

To this end, the institution also promotes working in networks with government agencies, other third sector organizations or  private entities.

Human team of the Red Cross
Volunteers 18.668
Individual and enterprise members 206.252
Members of the technical staff 1.168
*Data from the 31th of July 2015
Number of volunteers, for districts
Barcelona 11.787
Girona 2.593
Lleida 1.635
Tarragona 2.667
*Data from the 31th of July 2015

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