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Corporate Social Responsability at the Red Cross

The Corporate Responsability is defined as the active and voluntary participation of an enterprise to the resolution of collective issues, through the control the economical, social and ambiental impact of its activities.

Internal Dimension

The internal dimension of the Social Responsibility includes all those actions undertaken by the Red Cross in the aspects most related to the organization which have to do with the environment, human resources policy, suppliers policy or good governance..

Actions in the Internal Dimension

  • Equality Plan
  • Code of conduct
  • Supplier policy
  • Millenium Development Goals
  • Plan against harassment
  • Policies to reconcile work and family life
  • Environmental policies (selective collection of waste, energy saving)
  • Implementation of a Green Office.

External Dimension

The external dimension  of Social Responsibility comprises all the alliances that the Red Cross has with companies that have developed the RS in its social action and, along with the humanitarian organization can contribute to developing the Millennium Goals.

Actions in the External Dimension

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