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You can collaborate with us in the development or maintaining of our projects, making a donation online in a safe environment, as more than 100.000 collaborative donors already do.

Types of accepted cards:   

Bank Tranfer

Here you have the account numbers of various financial institutions where you can diposit or transfer your contribution and help with various projects and emergencies that the Red Cross develops.

  • International Emergency Philippines: Typhoon Haiyan
    Financial Institutions Accounts
    Catalunya Caixa 2013-0500-14-0222222252
    Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentaria 0182-2370-46-0010022227
    Banco Sabadell-Atlántico 0081-5232-27-0001084815
    Bankia 2038-1735-96-6000522796
    C.E.C.A. 2000-0002-29-9100530802
    La Caixa 2100-0600-80-0202184893
    Banco Popular 0075-0001-85-0606699936
    Banco Santander 0049-0001-53-2110022225
  • Other causes: indicate your  due to the time to the transfer to any of the above accounts.
    • Affected by Ebola
    • Support for older people
    • Festival of the Flag
    • Festival of the Flag in Madrid
    • General goals of the Red Cross in Catalonia
    • Kits of social support for vulnerable people
    • Aid for Palestine
    • AIDS in Mozambique
    • World Food Crisis
    • Immigration
    • General goals of Barcelona
    • General goals of the headquarters
    • Children and youth in social difficulties
    • Fund for help in emergencies


    If you rather call us to make a consultation and make the donation, you can call to 902 22 22 92, or you can find the nearest Red Cross office and contact them to make it more comfortable to you.

    Cell phone

    • International Emergency Philippines 2013: texting “AYUDA” to 28092 the full amount of 1,20 € donation goes to the Spanish Red Cross.
    • East Africa food crisis 2011

      Texting “CRE” to 28052 the full amount of 1,20€ donation goes to the Spanish Red Cross.
      Texting “CRE” to 28066 the full amount of 1,20€ donation goes to the Spanish Red Cross.
    • Japan Heartquake 2011: Texting  “JAPON” al 28077" the full amount of 1,20€ donation goes to the Spanish Red Cross.


    You can also use our fax number to make your donations. In this case, you will have to indicate us the following data in the form that you will send, so we can explain to you how to make the donation::

    Once you have all the data, you can send it to us through the fax number 93 485 25 12, or you can find the nearest Red Cross and get in touch with them if it is more comfortable to you.

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Ask for more information at our contact to make a donation to the Red Cross.

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