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Steps to volunteer

Step 1: Request online

To formalize your intention to volunteer, first fill out a form. Do not hesitate, we expect your application!.

Volunteer form

Step 2: Informative session or personal interview

This session is aimed to give you the general information about the Red Coss and its offer of activities. It's also about doing a joint assessment about the possibilities of intervention depending on the profile, motivation, and availability of each person, as well as the needs of covery and the different activities of the local or regional office of reference.

Step 3: Basic Institutional Training

Once the interview is done, if you want to pursue the proces of incorporation as a volunteer, it is essential that you acknowledge yourself about the basis of the institution. The basic training will get you to know the essence of its existence and which is the path that we want to follow. At the end of it, you will have to test yourself with an exam, to prove us that you have the basic notions that drive the actions of the Red Coss and, therefore, you can be one of its volunteers.


Adress: c/ Joan d'Àustria 118
08018 Barcelona

Ask for more information at our contact to become a Volunteer of the Red Cross.

Phone: +34 93 300 65 65

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