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FAQs - Make a donation

Question: How can I help?

  • With donations
  • Regular or periodic contributions
  • One time or occasional contributions

Question: Can I make donations to different operations?
Answer: Yes, there is no limitation on that.

Question: How can I make donations in a currency that is not listed on the form?
Answer: You have to change to euros through a bank.

Question: Which cards can I use?

Question: Can I make donations without giving personal data?
Answer: Yes, the donation can be anonymous. This option, however, conditions not to be able to issue the corresponding Certificate of Treasury.

Question: Where do my money go?
Answer: To the project that you have chosen.

Question: What kind of deductions can I have?
Answer: If you are natural person, the Income Tax of Natural Persons provides for a deduction of 25% of your contributions. In the case of Legal Persons, you can deduct 35% of the amount of the donation on the gross of income tax.
The deductible amount shall not exceed 10% of the tax base, allowing the deduction of the surplus amounts in subsequent years up to 10 years.
See Law 49/2002.


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