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The territorial organization of the Red Cross in Catalonia is divided at local / regional, provincial and autonomical level. In each of these three spheres, the structure of the institution is based on an assembly and a committee with executive functions, which must be renewed every four years through an electoral process.

  • Assembly: it gathers all the Red Cross volunteers in the territory and it is responsible to elect the committee.
  • Committee: it coordinates the activities of the institution in the corresponding territorial scope and it implements the guidelines and work plans agreed at the assembly.

The Red Cross in Catalonia consists of:

  • 1 regional office
  • 4 provincial offices
    • Barcelona
    • Girona
    • Lleida
    • Tarragona
  • 33 regional assemblies
  • 57 local assemblies
  • 3 delegations (of local offices) to attend the existing needs closely in some areas of the territory
  • 79 points of present
  • 104 activity points
  • 21 others (warehouse and parking)

Altogether, the organization has more than 300 points of physical presence all over Catalonia..

As for the local development, the main strategic of the Action Plan is aimed at improving the responsiveness of regional and local offices to attend the social needs of people in vulnerable situations. All these actions are planned in accordance with the policies of the Red Cross, its regulation and its organic structure.


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