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FACs - Becom a Volunteer

Question:  What is the minimum age to be a volunteer?
Answer: 16 years old.

Question:  If I am 14 or 15 years old, could I perform some task as a volunteer at the Red Cross?
Answer: A person can volunteer with the Red Cross when they are 16 years old, but in some assemblies of the the Red Cross exists the Fringe Project, a project of Youth the Red Cross addressed to those boys aged between 14 and 15 years who are interested in joining to voluntary activity. The reason why  it was necessary to create this project was to motivate a group of young people through formative activities, leisure activities and practices, in order to facilitate a better incorporation into a the Red Cross volunteer action.
During the period where this young group belongs to the "FRINGE GROUP" they do (always out of school hours) workshops, training (Handicaps, Childhood, Environment, Elderly, Health Education and International Cooperation), plus visits and collaboration in some projects carried out at the Red Cross (Three Wise Men Campaign,...), specific activities and group outings or leisure activities.

Question:  What is the availability of time required to volunteer?
Answer: The time availability can be flexible, but the ideal thing is to participate  continuously, dedicating approximately three hours a week for at least a year.

Question:  In what timetable I can participate as a volunteer?
Answer: It depends on the activity participate, but we ask that you to participate in a continuous, dedicating approximately three hours a week for at least a year, but still this dedication depending on your time availability can be flexible. When you come to the interview, to consider your time availability, they are going to tell you the schedules and days of operation of different activities, and they can guide you in where you could collaborate. 

Question:  If you don't have a fixed schedule during the week, could I work on different days and times?
Answer: When you come to the interview and while you're consifng your available time, the person who attends you will help you finding an activity that does not require a fixed day and time for you to participate.

Question:  Do I need any specific traning to be a volunteer?
Answer: To be voluntary, it is required to take the courses that the Red Cross provides to train those who want to join as volunteers: the course of Basic Instutional Training  (course to knowledge the institution to join it) and the course of Training for Intervention (course that trains you to act in a Field of action determined by the institution).

Question:  In front of a natural disaster happened in another country: Can I go there as a volunteer to collaborate in the location of the emergency ?
Answer: We can not join you in our activity at that time, since we send specialized personnel trained for emergencies to the site of the disasters.
In our model of intervention, the main tool is working through the local Red Cross. The local Red Cross volunteers are the first to arrive, those who know the area and language. The few specialists sent from the Spanish Red Cross go there as a support of the local staff, and they have been  trained according to international standards of our Organisation, to facilitate the work in full coordination with other National Societies of Red Cross we work with. The Spanish Red Cross has Immediate Response to emergency Units in areas of Health, Logistics, Telecommunications, Distribution of Aid and Water and Sanitation.
However if you want to offer some of your free time to the Red Cross you can go to the Local Assembly  closer to your place of residence, where you will be duly attended. And in the future, if you fit the target profile for international cooperation and once you have the necessary training, you could opt to join the emergency unit or work as a delegate of the SRC and enter in the selection process for the next training courses that the Institution has planned for future interventions for International Cooperation.


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