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06-06-2018 | Studies | Other
Intermittent poverty: between recovery and chronification - 11th study
This 11th study of the Observatory that we present to you places the focus on people in situations of poverty that have not been able to escape from the situation of vulnerability, to which they were led away for years, and how the difficulties to access the labor market affect your situation.
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10è Estudi L'Observatori
30-03-2017 | Studies | Crisis
The chronicity of poverty - 10th study
This 10th Observatory study, we wanted to take a detailed look of a trend that since
contact our intervention with people at risk of exclusion have been identified since the beginning of the long socio-economic crisis in which we live. Talking about the chronicity of poverty. Therefore, we find it very alarming to note in this study that four out of 10 people we serve in projects fighting poverty suffer.
10-02-2016 | Studies | Crisis
Immigrants in a vulnerable situation - 9th study
The migrants have shown great resilience in adversity, but have not used, in many cases, all the mechanisms that the welfare state makes available to those who are entitled to access, in order to reduce impact of the crisis on their daily lives and in their families.
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