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Creu Roja
Environmental policy

The Red Cross, aware of the important mission in the field of awareness raising, undertakes to establish the necessary mechanisms for the entity 's activities to align with the following principles of quality and protection of the entity' environment:

  • Promote active participation and a sense of responsibility for environmental impact through information, training and continuing training.
  • Establish procedures and channels of permanent communication and information with the interested parties of the institution, suppliers, students, users and with the general public about the repercussions of our activity on the environment.
  • Fulfill and ensure continuous compliance with the legislation, current environmental regulations and other voluntary commitments that the institution can subscribe to.
  • To propose an environmental intervention of the Red Cross based on a global conception of the quality of life, sensitization and environmental education and with the commitment to the sustainable development of life on the planet.
  • Work to achieve and ensure a high and effective protection of the environment, having evaluated the environmental impacts caused by our activity, in order to prevent, eliminate or reduce them.
  • Collaborate with the administration and other entities in their actions aimed at the conservation and improvement of the environment.
  • To have programs to achieve the objectives and environmental goals, with the participation of the entire institution. Watching for the continuous and reasonable improvement of our environmental behavior.

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