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5th walk footprint Solidarity in Badalona 2019
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The activity consists of a circular saw the town marina and promenade. The minimum entry fee is 7€ and will go entirely to the project to fight against school exclusion, framed within the campaign to fight against the chronification of poverty, #EncaraNo, of the Red Cross in Catalonia. Remember that the amount of the registration is already the donation you make to the project.

You can register in different ways:

  • Online: through the green button find further down and leads you to the registration form.
  • By phone: calling Red Cross office in Barcelonès Nord to 93 464 06 09.
  • In person: guiding you to the office of the Red Cross in Barcelonès Nord (Avenida Alfonso XIII 349 Badalona.)

Registration fee or donation:

  • Credit Card: when you finish the online registration, the system directs you to the page to make the donation of your participation. Follow the instructions step by step and finally the card payment window will appear. This method of payment is also supported if you sign up to walk over the phone or in person at the office of the Red Cross in Barcelonès Nord. Remember, if you make the donation anonymously will not receive the email confirmation of the donation and, therefore, must remember to bring the bank receipt on the day of collection of dorsal.
  • Cash: in the case of go in person to register at the office of the Red Cross in Barcelonès Nord. IMPORTANT: the donation of the inscription cannot be made the same day of the tour.
  • Bank Transfer: in any case, if you prefer, you can use this method of payment indicating the concept: Footprint Solidarity + Full name. Account number is: La Caixa: ES70 2100 0115  1302 0129 1307

Dorsals and shirts collection

Once registration has been finalized you will receive a registration number. The registration number is different from the number of dorsal. The dorsal number will be assigned in order of registration.

  • 3rd october– from 16:00 to 19:00h. Local Office BCN Nord (Av.Alfons XIII 349. Badalona).
  • 4th october - from 16:00 to 19:00h. Area Office of the Red Cross in Catalonia (c/ Joan d'Àustria, 120. Barcelona) .

IMPORTANT: to pick up your number, remember to take the payment receipt.

For any questions when making registration you can send an email to rosamaria.sanchez@creuroja.org or call 93 464 06 09.

Data realització 06-10-2019
Hora sortida 09:00
Inici inscripció 26-08-2019
Fi inscripció 02-10-2019
Lloc sortida Rambla del passeig de Badalona
Lloc arribada Rambla del passeig de Badalona
Durada 3h 30minutes
Assemble/es que convoca/quen
Assemblea Barcelonès Nord
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Adreça: c/ Joan d'Àustria 118
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