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Girona FC and the Red Cross, together again in favor of school success and healthy habits
Girona FC, through the foundation of which the City Football Group (CFG) is part at an international level, is expanding its collaboration in the Red Cross School Success Promotion project, following the solidarity initiative that launched during the summer of 2020 thanks to the contribution of those subscribers who chose to cede their compensation to social projects. The amount collected has been doubled by the City Football Group.
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The Red Cross needs 24.000 toys to cover demmand
Falta un 40% de les joguines per acomplir amb la previsió que Creu Roja Joventut ha fet per arribar a 25.000 infants en situació vulnerable.

Adress: c/ Fusina 6, 08003 Barcelona

Ask for more information at our Red Cross Youth contact.

Phone: +34 93 310 28 25


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