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Portada Butlletí 69
24-05-2019 | Newsletter | Girona
e-inform@'t - Núm 69
In this edition you will find information on the Day of Sant Jordi, to face energy poverty, or the support and assistance of first need to the people affected in Calonge
13-05-2019 | External publications | Other
Small changes to eat better
Main recommendations in food for general population. The Red Cross has participated in the preparation of this document.
28-03-2019 | Studies | First aid
Report on first aid knowledge
The purpose of this study is to identify the needs that exist, what must be prioritized and what projects we have to implement in order to adjust to social demands in relation to first aid.
15-03-2019 | Newsletter | Girona
e-inform@'t - Núm 68
In this edition you will find information on the labor insertion of young people attended by the scope of employment, distribution of food and the toy campaign 2018.
30-01-2019 | Newsletter | Girona
e-inform@'t - Núm 67
In this edition you will find featured information on caregivers, humanitarian action against earthquakes in Indonesia or options against HIV. This number makes special amendment for our 130th anniversary in the city of Girona.
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