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Memòria Creu Roja Girona 2017
19-07-2018 | Report | Girona
2017 Activity report of the Red Cross in Girona
Balance of the actions taken by the Red Cross in Girona in 2017.
16-07-2018 | Other publications of CR | Other
06-06-2018 | Studies | Other
Intermittent poverty: between recovery and chronification - 11th study
This 11th study of the Observatory that we present to you places the focus on people in situations of poverty that have not been able to escape from the situation of vulnerability, to which they were led away for years, and how the difficulties to access the labor market affect your situation.
15-05-2018 | Newsletter | Girona
e-inform@'t - Núm 63
In this edition we highlight the care for children hospitalized during the Saint Jordi Day, the promotion of healthy aging, as well as the collaborations of Girona companies with our employment service.
14-03-2018 | Newsletter | Girona
e-inform@'t - Num 62
This issue of the Girona newsletter highlights, above all, the value of the Teams of Immediate Response in Emergencies (ERIE) of Psychosocial Intervention and how they increase the number of volunteers in the same in the regions of Gerona.
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