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10-02-2020 | Newsletter | Girona
e-inform@'t - Núm 73
In this edition of our newsletter, you will find some of these projects and actions, such as the presentation of the 12th study of The Observatory, entitled "Intermittent poverty and social fragility", which we presented in December in Girona of the Uni Girona-Spar Citylift club with the "Actually no grace" campaign, or the Positive parenting project aimed at the families of children and / or adolescents.
08-01-2020 | External publications | Other
19-12-2019 | External publications | Other
Guide to Good Hygiene Practices for the safe use of food in food donation
Guide in which the Red Cross has participated in relation to the nutritional balance in food donations.
19-12-2019 | Newsletter | Girona
e-inform@'t - Núm 72
We celebrate the 12th anniversary of this newsletter by launching a new format: more agile, which allows information to be transformed and presented in a modern, interactive and accessible way, from any mobile device, regardless of platform or device, computer or tablet.
12-12-2019 | Separata | Other
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