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23-01-2018 | Newsletter | Girona
e-infom@'t - Núm 61
This issue highlights the importance of volunteerism in organizations such as the Red Cross, in addition to the participation of the Red Cross in Girona in the 56th Exhibition Fair of the city, the exhibition "Camins Migrants" and the Toys Campaign 2018.
30-11-2017 | Other publications of CR | Other
Life Stories
Life stories are a collection of conversations between senior citizens and volunteering. It shows situations of joy, needs, desires and dreams, some to achieve.
16-11-2017 | Report | Other
2016 Activity report of the Red Cross in Catalonia
Balance actions performed by the Red Cross in Catalonia 2016 (extended version).
16-11-2017 | Report | Other
Executive 2016 Activity Report of the Red Cross in Catalonia
Executive 2015 Activity Report of the Red Cross in Catalonia.
09-11-2017 | Newsletter | Girona
e-inform@'t - Nº60
This number highlights the closing data of the beach service in summer, as well as the first edition of the butcher's aide course and the humanitarian aid operation for the crew of the C-Star boat.
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